CellCap’s focus lies in life sciences research leading to autologous therapeutic applications.

The core big bead technology is an improved sample processing module that is highly efficient in capturing, concentrating and purifying target cells from complex and dirty samples that would otherwise require pre-treatment

We are interested to explore collaborations with other companies or groups.

The following areas are just a few of the potential applications that could be enhanced with an improved cell capture method that can harvest target cells from primary samples:

  • Eukaryotic
  • Prokaryotic


T-Cell purification from whole blood for flow cytometry analysis.

Circulating Tumour Cells from whole blood for microscopy or PCR analysis.


Food Poisoning microbiology, e.g. Salmonella from 200 mls of overnight pre-enrichment broth.

Environmental e.g. Legionella from water cooling towers, avoiding time and cost of filters.

Biothreat e.g. viruses or microbes from aerosol or soil samples.