Frequently Asked Questions


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What Samples have you already investigated?

Depletion of human T-Cells from whole blood using CD3 and CD5 antigens. Depletion of rat stem cells using CD90 antigens from rat adipose stomal vascular fraction. Depletion of bacterial spores from environmental samples.

What is the maximum number of cells that can be captured?

Depends on quantity of beads used, but in excess of 15 million based on work to date.

What is the maximum sample volume that can be processed?

Limited only by cost-effective use of capture beads and volume handling capability. We have isolated stem cells from 100 mls of fecal calf serum to date.

Is your technology protected?

Yes, we have 2 patent applications filed.

What are the typical sizes of cell that you investigate?

The majority of the work so far has been on eukaryotic cells up to 20 µm in diameter. Bacterial spores with a diameter of 1 µm can also be captured which confirms microbiology applications using magnetic particles.